Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer hat and peasant dress

I know I post way less often than I should, although I don't lack beautiful projects I happen to finish from time to time. But that's only because sometimes I feel guilty doing them, because I feel like I'm supposed to do something else (like, for instance, really work on my PhD research), and that brings some shame in showing what I really am into sometimes. That's why, I feel like I need to change something about this, and I think that really living for myself would be a good start. I mean, doing creative things would be better than trying to work hard on something that annoys me and not really accomplish anything. Or, thinking small, like finishing this or that project today would make me very happy tomorrow, and not only in a few years, after I get my PhD degree.
Anyway, I will show you now two of my older projects, that have been overlapped by others on this blog. First is a hat, actually a pair of hats, I made last summer, when I was quite new on crochet. I used this free pattern tutorial and doubled thread, as it follows: for the white hat, Puppets Eldorado yarn, and for the pink one, Alize cotton yarn (using different crochet hooks and adjusting the pattern, of course. I couldn't tell which numbers, though). But, although I found also a very beautiful free flower pattern, I didn't like quite much the end products, so I wanted to give them both to my mother. She pursued me to keep at least the white one, and now I discovered that it makes a cute addition to a summer outfit. I also took a picture of the pink one I left at my mother, the last time I visited her.
The second project is a peasant dress that I started long ago, but only finshed it after I got my new sewing machine (which, by the way, is divine!). I wanted first to hand embroider it, but for lack of time and desire, I bought instead lacy borders and sew them on it. I also added small crochet bubbles for visual effect. The pictures were taken on the way to my parents home, near a poppy field. We also got puppies for the photos!
Seeing the poppies, I remembered about a little creative moment from my childhood. Did you ever make a doll like the one in the picture bellow from poppy flowers?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simply Crochet featured blouses

Not much to tell about these two new creation, but that I soooo like the gradient blouse!
Materials used for the gradient blouse:
- YarnArt gradient cotton
- 3 mm crochet hook
- pattern from issue no 9 of Simply Crochet magazine
Materials for the mandala shirt:
- Alize Diva silk effect yarn
- 3 mm crochet hook
- pattern from issue no 17 of Simply Crochet Magazine
I chose to make a colourful mandala and a fade pink border because I thought that the uni version looked too simple :D