Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New logo / visual identity by Liloobox

I've been dreaming about this kind of logo since a long time ago. I wanted something playful, colourful and striking, in the same time. I wanted it to reveal, in part, my personality. I linked it, as you can see, to my pets, which I love both. But especially my white cat :) So, after all, Lia didn't have much choices but to make two versions of the logo. Which turned out to be multiple versions, and I'm so, so happy that I can play around with them!


I ordered this logo during the spring. It was ready in time to release it for my birthday, but I felt it wasn't quite the moment to reveal it back then. Meanwhile, I'm still on a tight timetable, but I have big plans about my handmade direction. Just one hint - The Octopus Project, which I helped settle down this year in Romania, helped me see this direction. I learned so much during the six months I prepared all the rules for manufacturing the octos. Things I wouldn't have found otherwise, or it would have taken me much longer if I was to find them in any other circumstances. I am thankful for this opportunity and I hope to be able to volunteer again soon for this beautiful project.

In order to motivate myself during the next part of my handmade adventure, I also established a facebook group, where you can follow my updates in more detail than on any other social media place that I own. I also intend to use this group as a motivation to grow strong and beautiful, surrounded by friends and people who would like to encourage me all the way round, and to give back from my own experience to people who wish to pursue the same path.