Wednesday, November 1, 2017

CAL doll Greta - free crochet pattern, PART 3 - BODY AND HEAD

I've decided to share with you the body and head part of this doll before I work them myself, because I see you are so eager to finish. I will also share during the next days the shoes and dress pattern. However, I will only share tips and technique of assembling the legs and hands to the body only when I will be able to photograph the process properly. Either you can be patient and wait for me, or find your own way to assemble, but keep in mind that my way is not the same way as the designer's way, Petus Ochoa. You may find her two videos for working the body and head here and here

Let's proceed!

Using underwear color,
R1. 6sc in magic ring
R2. 2 sc in each sc (12)
R3. (1sc, 1V)x6 (18)
R4. (2sc, 1V)x6 (24)
R5. (3sc, 1V)x6 (30)
R6. (4sc, 1V)x6 (36)
R7. (5sc, 1V)x6 (42)
R8. (6sc, 1V)x6 (48)
R9. (7sc, 1V)x6 (54)
R10. (8sc, 1V)x6 (60)
R11-R16. 60sc (60)

Change for skin color:
R17. 60sc in BLO (60)
R18. 60sc (60)
R19. 28sc, 1X, (4sc, 1X)x5 (55)
R20. 27sc, 1X, (3sc, 1X)x5 (48)
R21. 48sc (48)
R22. (6sc, 1X)x6 (42)
R23-R30. 42 sc (42)
R31. (5sc, 1X)x6 (36)
R32-R33. 36sc (36)
R34. (4sc, 1X)x6 (30)
R35. 30sc (30)
R36. (3sc, 1X)x6 (24)
R37. (2sc, 1X)x6 (18)
R38. (1sc, 1X)x6 (12)
R39-41. 12sc (12)
R42. (1sc, 1V)x6 (18)
R43. (2sc, 1V)x6 (24)
R44. (3sc, 1V)x6 (30)
R45. (4sc, 1V)x6 (36)
R46. (5sc, 1V)x6 (42)
R47. (6sc, 1V)x6 (48)
R48. (7sc, 1V)x6 (54)
R49. (8sc, 1V)x6 (60)
R50-54. 60sc (60)
R55. work a custom no of sc - until you are ahead the 23 sc on which will be performed the 8 decreseases for shaping the face (for me, it worked first with 13sc, then with 22sc - you might end with a different number. In order to approximate where your decreases will be worked, guide yourself by the SHAPE OF THE BODY you have by now.) - after that, work (1X, 1sc)x4, 1X. Mark the beginning of the next row in the next sc. (You might also want to remember to stick a plastic rod or a wire frame, if you want it to be poseable, inside the body up through the neck and head, before finishing and filling the head).
R56. (1sc, 1x)x3, 46sc (52sc)
R57-61. 52sc (52)
R62. 46sc, (1V, 2sc)x2 (54)
R63. 1V, 2sc, 1V, 51sc (56)
R64. 56sc (56)
R65. 14sc, 1X, 24sc, 1X, 14sc (54)
R66.  (7sc, 1X)x6 (48)
R67. (6sc, 1X)x6 (42)
R68. (5sc, 1X)x6 (36)
R69. (4sc, 1X)x6 (30)
R70. (3sc, 1X)x6 (24)
R71. (2sc, 1X)x6 (18)
R72. (1sc, 1X)x6 (12)
R73. 6X
Fasten off.

You might want to decorate the face and add hair before the assembly. At least, this is how I advise you to do it. First, you might want to shape a little further the head - I use for that the photo tutorial provided by Tiny Miny Design here - but I do the shaping BEFORE attaching or embroidering the eyes and mouth, not after! Then, ou may use painted eyes (find a tutorial for this here) or embroider the eyes (use this very good tutorial, if you don't know yet how to embroider eyes on a doll). 

As for the hair, last time I used wool hair. I attached it only on the extremities of the head, marked priviously with pins, like in the picture bellow.

As usually, if you find any mistakes in the pattern, signalize them in a comment and I will fix it as soon as I can. Have fun!

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Please make sure you read the first part of the amigurumi tips series - how to read the patterns proposed on this blog, before you proceed to making this doll.

If you want to post photos of what you've created following this CAL, there is a group dedicated to Papillon en Papier artwork - Papillon en Papier Wonderland. Join to keep up with my work and CALs.

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