Monday, March 30, 2015

Mucize - The Miracle - Movie review

Well, it's not going to be an actual review. It's more like a reminder to never forget what a powerful movie this is. We found about it during our trip in Istanbul, for the new year celebration. It had been released there the first day of the year. You could see everywhere advertising for this movie. Judging by some of the characters appearance, the movie seemed to be more like a comedy. We didn't know by the time that it was so much more. We were tempted to go see it in their theathers, but we didn't know any turkish at all and were afraid that we will lose the funny scenes. Anyway, it was a good thing that we didn't spoil our feelings that way, even if I am 100% sure that I would have cried anyway. I just watched it for the second time and I cry still. It has something truly powerful, this movie. The actors really gave their best to play in it, too. Even the horse was very genuine in feelings, and gestures. I just translated the subtitles from english to romanian, as I plan to watch it again with my parents.
The main idea of the movie is that love can make miracles. When it is real love :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Again about plagiarism, copying and faking - it's in the blood of every artist

OK, so I found this truly inspiring book called "Steal like an artist". It is as if I read myself. I feel so connected to everything the author states, because I still wander around searching for a meaning of what I'm doing, I still feel ashamed that I didn't come up with something truly original yet, I still fear that everyone I inspire (or better said, "copy" from) would find me one day and sue me, put me on the ground for "stealing" their work. 
But this books really makes all this fear disappear. It's nothing wrong with copying, the author says, it's not similar to the plagiarism - in fact, "plagiarism" is only when you take someone else's work and pretend it to be yours. As for me, I always add links to the original work of art for my own creation. It's not like I didn't make it with my own hands, I just took someone else's idea and made my own (almost identical) version. And it's because I liked to make it, I liked the way it looked or I liked the colors. That means it was worth stealing!
One of the main ideas of the book is "only steal what you feel is worth stealing". That will help you define your style later. In fact, it's already written even in the Bible, the oldest book in the world: "Nothing new under the sun". Everything has been done before, everything has been said, but there wasn't anybody there to hear it and see it. That's why it needs to be said and done again. And again, and again. Just like in photography - you take people to photograph the same place, the same landscape, the same person, and each and every one of them will come up with something different. The images will be similar, but different in essence. (I'll insert here the link to a great documentary trailer about a famous photographer - The salt of the Earth). It's the same in art.
This book also helped me understand why I collect a lot of images and links and patterns and tutorials of things I like. Because it would take me more than two lives to make all of them, if I were to make them. I collect them because they inspire me. They create my style.
But I'll stop here. I haven't finished the book yet, but I already feel more released. It's great to know people empathize with you on this matter. I invite anyone to read this great book too. On one hand, maybe artists that already found their way and style will understand why other people copy their work, but in the same time maybe they'll admit to themselves that they aren't as original as they think they are. On the other hand, maybe it will encourage young artists like me to continue their works, even if they think it's not worth it, because it's not much originality in what they do. Originality will come, eventually.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Rita the bunny- Lalylala doll making

I finished Rita a few days ago and I wanted to present her to you together with her male bunny friend that I was gonna do right after. Well, I just couldn't help myself not to show her to you before and, well, I don't even know if there's gonna be a boy version of Rita after all (that rose is harder  to embroider on her body than I imagined - I had to improvise a little bit more than Lydia from Lalylala suggested, so that took me hell of a lot of time! Anyway, I went a little further for her face, as I like my toys to have personality, and actually it's the first time when I use safety eyes, and I'm very happy about the result!
So, this is Rita, presenting you her tiny bunny heart! Tell me, how do you love her? <3 p="">

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dancing cats around the plagiarism problem

I made this sewing dancing cats a while ago, and I already had them all gone away. They were super cute but hey, I also need some place for myself in my tiny home, don't I? :)

My inspiration was an Etsy shopper creation, which I had saved in my computer a long time ago:

The problem that I was gonna raise is that, although it didn't happen yet (hey, I'm just not that popular yet! :P ), I might have been accused that, by making this toy, I have stolen someone's intellectual property. In my opinion, as long as I don't claim that it is an original design, I give credits to the original creator or link to the inspiration site, the toy that I came up with is entirely mine and I have the right to do whatever I want with it! In the very end, we can't even say that they are exactly alike, because I used different materials, I painted the details (instead of embroider them) and I added that little love-note idea!
That's why, I hardly keep myself away from entering discussions when I see artisan fellows (especially the girls that are working with FIMO) complaining that someone else has stolen their creations and ideas, making identical items that they sell on their own websites. Of course, I agree it's not a kind thing to do, especially when you are not mentioning anything about your inspiration resources, but hey, it is a free (virtual) world and you assume some risks when posting photos of your original designs. No need to get so much upset when others don't feel the pleasure to promote you or maybe they feel too ashamed to do so (because maybe their entire work is based on copying other artisans). But hey, maybe they're just repeating after you, which should make you so much proud! (NOTE: if you still don't feel like this, you should really get to know Sarah from Repeat (Cr)After Me, she is an awesome creative being, and MOM, who doesn't get upset not a tiny bit on anyone who copies her, but she encourages creative copying! I simply admire her!)
I myself didn't hack in my life just that dancing cat that you can see above, but also crochet patterns and tatting patterns that didn't came up with instructions. Is that so much wrong? Anyway, as I cover quite a broad area of interests on my blog, I don't feel like I could come up with something 100% original right now. Maybe later, when I will learn enough things about crochet, or about sewing, to do so. Till then, happy creatively repeating after... all of you! ^^

Still about LOGO-s

It's been a long time since last posting, but I'm still struggling  between what I am supposed to do, what I like to do and what I am actually doing every moment of the day. And that's a harsh battle, believe me. Anyway, since the first logo that I came up with, I found myself on the edge of an identity crisis, I was about to start a new blog only in Romanian, meant to promote romanian artisans and, eventually, myself in this artisan world, but I managed somehow not to abandon this very blog that is more than perfect for my needs. And I understand now that writing in english is not just a way to reach out artisans and artists all over the world (and defintitely is not a fake way to express myself, as english is not my native tongue), but it is also a choice that I made a long time ago and that defines me as a person.
I thought, therefore, of coming up with a logo that better describes me, and it stroke me once I thought about why did I choose that photo of me holding a leaf in front of my mouth and face, leaving only the eyes and hair revealed, to be my profile photo on the blog. That photo could be explained in many ways, but most important is that it emphasize my eyes, the eyes which are the mirror of my soul. No wonder I like it so much!
Almost two years ago, someone painted that photo of me for a swap. Since then, it hangs above my night bed. I often watch that painted eyes and seek for something that I know is inside me, only it's so hard to reach. It could be determination, it could be fulfillment... Any case, I know it's something good, and better than I am myself right now. I just hope it won't be a never-ending battle :)

So I turned the painting into a sketch, I enhanced it using Paint (I'm still that basic!) and then I added the name of the blog, using a free font from the web (it's called "Sverige Script", if anyone wishes to know). I still feel like I could better it, but I am satisfied with the result. After all, I am that Papillon en Papier, not any P, or butterfly, or cat. Hmmm, do you know what just crossed my mind? That this name seems like the names of american indians... :) (I already see the next logo coming up :))