Monday, March 30, 2015

Mucize - The Miracle - Movie review

Well, it's not going to be an actual review. It's more like a reminder to never forget what a powerful movie this is. We found about it during our trip in Istanbul, for the new year celebration. It had been released there the first day of the year. You could see everywhere advertising for this movie. Judging by some of the characters appearance, the movie seemed to be more like a comedy. We didn't know by the time that it was so much more. We were tempted to go see it in their theathers, but we didn't know any turkish at all and were afraid that we will lose the funny scenes. Anyway, it was a good thing that we didn't spoil our feelings that way, even if I am 100% sure that I would have cried anyway. I just watched it for the second time and I cry still. It has something truly powerful, this movie. The actors really gave their best to play in it, too. Even the horse was very genuine in feelings, and gestures. I just translated the subtitles from english to romanian, as I plan to watch it again with my parents.
The main idea of the movie is that love can make miracles. When it is real love :)

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