Friday, March 13, 2015

Rita the bunny- Lalylala doll making

I finished Rita a few days ago and I wanted to present her to you together with her male bunny friend that I was gonna do right after. Well, I just couldn't help myself not to show her to you before and, well, I don't even know if there's gonna be a boy version of Rita after all (that rose is harder  to embroider on her body than I imagined - I had to improvise a little bit more than Lydia from Lalylala suggested, so that took me hell of a lot of time! Anyway, I went a little further for her face, as I like my toys to have personality, and actually it's the first time when I use safety eyes, and I'm very happy about the result!
So, this is Rita, presenting you her tiny bunny heart! Tell me, how do you love her? <3 p="">

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