Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Still about LOGO-s

It's been a long time since last posting, but I'm still struggling  between what I am supposed to do, what I like to do and what I am actually doing every moment of the day. And that's a harsh battle, believe me. Anyway, since the first logo that I came up with, I found myself on the edge of an identity crisis, I was about to start a new blog only in Romanian, meant to promote romanian artisans and, eventually, myself in this artisan world, but I managed somehow not to abandon this very blog that is more than perfect for my needs. And I understand now that writing in english is not just a way to reach out artisans and artists all over the world (and defintitely is not a fake way to express myself, as english is not my native tongue), but it is also a choice that I made a long time ago and that defines me as a person.
I thought, therefore, of coming up with a logo that better describes me, and it stroke me once I thought about why did I choose that photo of me holding a leaf in front of my mouth and face, leaving only the eyes and hair revealed, to be my profile photo on the blog. That photo could be explained in many ways, but most important is that it emphasize my eyes, the eyes which are the mirror of my soul. No wonder I like it so much!
Almost two years ago, someone painted that photo of me for a swap. Since then, it hangs above my night bed. I often watch that painted eyes and seek for something that I know is inside me, only it's so hard to reach. It could be determination, it could be fulfillment... Any case, I know it's something good, and better than I am myself right now. I just hope it won't be a never-ending battle :)

So I turned the painting into a sketch, I enhanced it using Paint (I'm still that basic!) and then I added the name of the blog, using a free font from the web (it's called "Sverige Script", if anyone wishes to know). I still feel like I could better it, but I am satisfied with the result. After all, I am that Papillon en Papier, not any P, or butterfly, or cat. Hmmm, do you know what just crossed my mind? That this name seems like the names of american indians... :) (I already see the next logo coming up :))

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