Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My first LOGO

I wanted so much to have a personalized LOGO, but I always thought that it would be such a difficult thing to do, that I almost gave up... Eventually, I hired a professional to do this for me, but I just couldn't wait until she was able to think about it, so I came up with this in an intense moment of procastination. I used.... (see if you can guess) PAINT! That's right, the Windows Paint program! :) I even turned it into a watermark using Gimp. What do you think? I'm very proud of myself, I must admit!
Now, let's see how I convince my professional that I no longer need a personalized logo... but more urgent things from her! ^^

Notes: For creating the watermark, I used this tutorial. To watermark the photos with my own logo, I use this site.