Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photo: Last day of March. Comment: about collages

A bunch of images that caught my eyes during my randonée today.
Kids playing ping pong...
Another kid decorating a ceramic frog, under the supevision of her grandpa'...
A girl and two dogs waiting for their friend to bring water...
And finally, a weird exposition of floating statues, in a mall:
There was, also, a choco fest, but it didn't fulfilled my expectations of choco lover. But at least I think I got relaxed for the week following.
Oh, I almost forgot about my latest shopping session - got five chicken shaped egg supports, and a crochet manual:
LE:This post originally presented all images separately. Meanwhile, I realized that collages express better how I see the world. Not revealing the details, but seeking for them in context. Maybe it's the fault of my engineering thinking, but a thing is for sure: I created a tradition among my colleagues at work who retire. From now on, the last day of work, each of them with get a collage of their mates, so they remember in years how funny it used to be at work. :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo: Indoor vs. Outdoor Fire

These two photos have been taken in the same day. I noticed afterwards the parallel that can be made starting from this. So, I ask you this question: Which one do you prefer, an indoor or an outdoor fire? :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lately - Crochet

I've been really into this art of crochet lately. I said I would go on with angels, but I just couldn't help searching for more on the beauties that can be made in crochet. So first I found this tutorial (attention - by a GUY!) who teaches how to make a snowflake. I think I'll try as many models as I can find, and I really intend to decorate one of my (black) dresses with a few of them.

Right after that I discovered this very interesting tutorial showing up how to make "kind of" crochet earings (that because you need to use a needle more than a crochet hook). So, there I went finishing two pairs in just (almost) half a day! They require quite meticulosity, though... So, here is the picture of these new babies:
Anyway, I was just thinking, I could do hundreds of these items just for fun and pleasure, but what would I possibly do with so many pairs of earings? :P So, I tell you so, if anyone interested, just let me know! More combinations of colors are possible. Colourfull snowflakes, anyone? :D
Earings (4 cm/square side)
- 20 RON/pair
- 6 EUR/pair

Snowflake (9 cm/diameter)
- 15 RON/item
-  5 EUR/item

Available on demand :)

LE:  Found out that this earing technique is called tatting or frivolite. What a world!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Piggy birthday cake

A few days ago was my boy's birthday. As I was browsing some FB pages I ran into this photo of a piggy birthday cake that amused me. I asked my boy if I could do it for his birthday, and he agreed. And then, you just can't imagine how much fun we had doing it (I mean, me doing it, and him taking photos of it). Here is the making of the pigs collage:
Next is the making of the cake:

And finally the cake itself: Isn't this nice?

And I think it even looks better than the original! :D

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crochet Angel

This is my first ever crochet. I just wanted to know how to crochet, and seeing some beautiful crochet angel photos on the web determined me to actually start crocheting. It turned out better than I thought, given the fact that I followed only the instructions found in this video. I just adjusted them a little bit to create bigger wings for my angel.
I think my next crochet will be another angel, only in blue :D

About me

Hi there! This is Lumi. I'm a romanian engineer and on my way to becoming a scientist (now how coldplayish does this sound!). I am not really going to sit here and talk about my profession, but I would like to take you on an adventure. A crafting adventure, I call it. That because I always loved to handmade little things for me and others, and now I find time and resources to develop my passion.  And to talk about it. I have to mention that I use the web a lot for inspiration, so my originality may not always be genuine, but hey, we all have to inspire from somewhere in order to create, don't we? I will not focus only on real craft ideas, but also on traveling, photos, things, people and places that I like and a lot of talking about what sometimes goes through my mind. At some point, I could even sell or reproduce some crafts, if anyone interested.

Anyway, I will try keeping this blog as optimistic as a blog can be. 'Cause I like people smiling and happiness, in all its meaning. So, hope to see you around! :)

PS: As for the Scientist, it's funny how meanings interconnect so well sometimes. Not long ago, this blog was actually a photoblog. As wordless photos didn't really talk about me so much, I thought about giving it a refresh, not only to the blog, but also to my life. So, here I go back to the start, starting brand new and hopeful.