Wednesday, March 20, 2013

About me

Hi there! This is Lumi. I'm a romanian engineer and on my way to becoming a scientist (now how coldplayish does this sound!). I am not really going to sit here and talk about my profession, but I would like to take you on an adventure. A crafting adventure, I call it. That because I always loved to handmade little things for me and others, and now I find time and resources to develop my passion.  And to talk about it. I have to mention that I use the web a lot for inspiration, so my originality may not always be genuine, but hey, we all have to inspire from somewhere in order to create, don't we? I will not focus only on real craft ideas, but also on traveling, photos, things, people and places that I like and a lot of talking about what sometimes goes through my mind. At some point, I could even sell or reproduce some crafts, if anyone interested.

Anyway, I will try keeping this blog as optimistic as a blog can be. 'Cause I like people smiling and happiness, in all its meaning. So, hope to see you around! :)

PS: As for the Scientist, it's funny how meanings interconnect so well sometimes. Not long ago, this blog was actually a photoblog. As wordless photos didn't really talk about me so much, I thought about giving it a refresh, not only to the blog, but also to my life. So, here I go back to the start, starting brand new and hopeful.

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