Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photo: Last day of March. Comment: about collages

A bunch of images that caught my eyes during my randonée today.
Kids playing ping pong...
Another kid decorating a ceramic frog, under the supevision of her grandpa'...
A girl and two dogs waiting for their friend to bring water...
And finally, a weird exposition of floating statues, in a mall:
There was, also, a choco fest, but it didn't fulfilled my expectations of choco lover. But at least I think I got relaxed for the week following.
Oh, I almost forgot about my latest shopping session - got five chicken shaped egg supports, and a crochet manual:
LE:This post originally presented all images separately. Meanwhile, I realized that collages express better how I see the world. Not revealing the details, but seeking for them in context. Maybe it's the fault of my engineering thinking, but a thing is for sure: I created a tradition among my colleagues at work who retire. From now on, the last day of work, each of them with get a collage of their mates, so they remember in years how funny it used to be at work. :)

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