Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ceramic broach romanian traditional motif

These days I saw a tutorial about cross stitched ceramic broaches on Kittenhood. I thought it would be so nice to get back to the origins of cross stitch in Romania and do this kind of broaches in a traditional way. I also found this amazing blog which presents different romanian traditional motifs from different regions of the country. This is how these first 3 broaches appeared. Specially, the flower is one of my favourite motifs. I weared it today proudly. :) So, in order, the motifs come from:
1. Bacau
2. Basarabia
3. Arges
The good news (for you) is that I'm selling them! For now, you can find them also on Breslo (only for Romania), but I think this won't last too long, because the taxes are quite big and I'm only a beginner. And if I'm to sell anything, I would like to go on profit :). Anyway, what you should know is that, if anytime you would like to buy something on this blog, just contact me and we'll discuss about delivery possibilities. Prices are:
15 RON / 5 EUR

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