Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy new year 2013 - Occidental Carpathians hike

We spend the last day of 2012 and the very first days of 2013 around Herculane, hiking in the mountains and in the caves that small rivers carved to get to the Danube. It was quite an experience, as it was the first time night caught us (I mean, me and my boyfriend) on the top of the mountain, with an extra topping of snow and ice and little light available (only a few of us got flashlights). Eventually, we got back to the hotel in time, just to start the next day another adventure on the side of a river that was hidding in a cave.
We were lucky to be surrounded by all those young people who seemed to have been there before, and who took a lot of pictures during the activities. That is how the next video came out, showing a lot of key moments of our trip in the middle of the nature. Enjoy watching!

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