Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mourning hearts

I spent today eating chocolate and crocheting black hearts, in the memory of those young people who tragically died in Bucharest two days ago. 
I'm thinking about wearing one of them for the following week as a brooch, symbolising the grief that has been declared in all Romania. 

Although among the victims there wasn't anybody that I personally knew, this event actually affected me more than I thought it would. I usually gather in my facebook list not only persons that I know in real life, but also people that I admire, that do something for the community, and especially artists. Some of the people that died friday evening could've been in my list for these reasons. They were kind persons.

Also, the tragedy took place during a concert. Half of the band actually died, and the others aren't in a good condition either. Even if I'm not quite a rock fan - that's how I know I couldn't have been there - I can't stop thinking that my husband could actually have been there, because he's working in the media. But rock is also a form of art and I empathize with this. Also, a lot of photographers died and others are seriously injured. I empathize with these kind of people. I have similar feelings to the day I found out one crocheter whose work I was following left this life. And I couldn't help feeling sorry even when another artist I like lost her dog

How could I not be in grief this time? There is also so much symbolism in this event. Romanians need to fraternize more and be more aware of the wrong things that sorround us. Especially, young people should be united when it comes to choosing their leaders. When it comes to respecting each other. When it comes to simply being correct.

Here is an extract from the lyrics of the first song on the new album that was lounching that night: "We're not numbers, we're free, we're so alive / Cause the day we give in is the day we die".

PS: link to all the patterns and inspiration pictures can be found in my pinterest crochet collection.