Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crochet poncho made of flowery granny squares

This is it! It's finished! After many hours and days of  crocheting and crocheting again and again [in all kinds of positions],  I managed to finish my first big crochet project. I inspired from a blanket tutorial that I found in the book I bought a few months ago (Link to the english version of the book). At first I thought I would go for the blanket too. But I irreversibly fell in love with this flowery pattern, that I wanted to wear it, and be proud of it, indeed! And I made a lot of mistakes doing it: a few extra stitches here, a few less stitches there... Anyway, I think nobody could notice them, instead of me (unless you are a crochet geek too).
Next, soon, I hope, I intend to do a photo session wearing this wonderful poncho, for this blog. You will see then how this would fit on somebody of my size. Till then, here is a preview of what my 2 mm crochet hook created (with my help, of course):

And yes, it's all in pink and white, I know!
PS: I'm not selling this item, and I don't really think I will ever reproduce it. But I was just curious about how much this worths for me, in terms of money, so I made this little calculation:
- I weighed the final result to figure out about how much yarn I used, and it turned out that this poncho ate more than 8 clews of 50 g of yarn x 8 RON each =70 RON;
- 36.5 squares + butterfly x 1.5h (at least) spent on each item = 56.25h (that would be approximately 7 days for a normal 8h work program);
- 60 sides to match together x 12 min for each = 12 hours;
- edging = approximately 4 hours; that makes a total of approximately 73 hours. 
At my workplace, dividing my salary in number of hours I work in a month, I usually get paid a sum of approximately 13.5 RON/hour. For this project, this means 73 x 13.5 = 985.5 RON. Adding this sum to that of raw materials = 1055.5 RON = 245 EUR :D wow... even me, I was thinking of a more reasonable sum...

Link to the book that contains the square pattern (with purchase)

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