Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lately - Crochet

I've been really into this art of crochet lately. I said I would go on with angels, but I just couldn't help searching for more on the beauties that can be made in crochet. So first I found this tutorial (attention - by a GUY!) who teaches how to make a snowflake. I think I'll try as many models as I can find, and I really intend to decorate one of my (black) dresses with a few of them.

Right after that I discovered this very interesting tutorial showing up how to make "kind of" crochet earings (that because you need to use a needle more than a crochet hook). So, there I went finishing two pairs in just (almost) half a day! They require quite meticulosity, though... So, here is the picture of these new babies:
Anyway, I was just thinking, I could do hundreds of these items just for fun and pleasure, but what would I possibly do with so many pairs of earings? :P So, I tell you so, if anyone interested, just let me know! More combinations of colors are possible. Colourfull snowflakes, anyone? :D
Earings (4 cm/square side)
- 20 RON/pair
- 6 EUR/pair

Snowflake (9 cm/diameter)
- 15 RON/item
-  5 EUR/item

Available on demand :)

LE:  Found out that this earing technique is called tatting or frivolite. What a world!


  1. They'd make great Christmas tree decorations :D

  2. I know what I'll be doing this year's Christmas, Deb! :D