Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hello Kitty! crochet ami

I just finished an order for a Hello Kitty. Of course, I couldn't resist the temptation to make one for me, too. In fact, in the past, I often virtually called myself "Kitty" (from Cristina). So I ended up with both Kitty and Mimi. I couldn't tell wich one is who.

What I liked most about this pattern were the cute little ballerina shoes!
Here is the free pattern for this Kitty.
And here is the insiration for the Hello Kitty with cherries.
I worked the kitty with 3.5 mm hook using Catania cotton yarn, and made tiny cherries using a 1.1 mm hook and Cotton Perle from Puppets.
But wait! The ordered kitty also has a flower! Her cherries and flower are detachable, so the little girl could easily change the look of her kitty if she wants. What do you think about it? :)
And, finally, a family photo. I think they look so cute together!