Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Turqoise elegance purse

I am a Simply Crochet magazine fan, although I only discovered it about a year after the launch. Nevertheless, I have all the back issues now, either in print or digital. So, since I'm preparing for a wedding, I thought about giving a try to their scalop pouch in issue eight but in the end I got a scalop-much pritier-purse :D I think it's all about the handles, I only had this kind on hand, thanks to Narcisa, who owns a very pretty online store on her FB page.
Anyway, I didn't follow the pattern for the pouch exactly either. Instead, I worked in circles only on the RS (right side), and made four extra rounds. I'm giving you a tip about the lining: always measure in the first place the perimeter of your handles opened, and add about 2 cm for the sewing. I didn't do that first, so I now I have an extra smaller lining. As for the brooch, I improvised with some recicled elements! :D

By the way, I love turquoise and I'm glad there are so many shades of it on Catania cotton!

THIS PURSE CAN BE ORDERED ON ETSY! I can make a similar purse for you in any color combination, on order. The dimensions of the purse is approximately  23 x 15 x 8 cm. ORDER HERE

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