Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sketches for future crochet dresses

First of all, happy new year to you all!

I've been wanting a Moleskine notebook for a long time, so last Christmas (that is the Christmas of 2012) I finally got one from my boyfriend.

I didn't have any inspiration to start it, though, until yesterday. When I procastinated by drawing 2 sketches for 2 crochet dresses that I have in mind for this summer. They are both inspired from photos on web, related to crochet dresses. But, as it can be  easily figured out from the names I gave them, I intend to use granny squares, extended to the desired length of the dress. I am still thinking about the type off collar I'm gonna use.
The drawings are quite rough, as I didn't put any special attention to details, and did them in very short amount of time.
Anyway, I decided this year I won't put any of my energy in making items for sell, as this will be my wedding year (the wedding will be sometime in spring of 2015). And, further more, this will be MY YEAR, I really hope I'll discover my style, my pleasures and also, I'll learn how to better manage my time.
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