Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birthday wishlist

My birthday is coming next month and, as I was thinking about getting me some tools and goodies to brighten up my everyday life, I came up with a wishlist quite big to fulfill at once (or at least this year). However, I can't decide for just one item. As a matter of fact, I already made up my mind for one of them - that is an interior design course that I would have wanted to follow a long time ago, but that would clarify some thoughts I am making about our future home, after we get married and I finish my studies.
Next, here they are, a few of my everydaydream wishes:
1. Moon clutch bag by Dana Rogoz. By the time I started working with her father, I had no idea who she was and just how famous she was, but now I check her blog from time to time and I just dream about the moments when I will accesorize my wedding, my trips and my everyday outfits with one of her purses. The main idea of MOON by Dana Rogoz is that you can wear over and over again the same clutch, but with different faces, which are detachable. This way, you don't have to spend more money each time you have an event or a meeting or anything by buying a new purse. I am thinking about wearing a white mirrored purse at my wedding, because that would represent such an amazing idea even for the photos. And a minimoon in my trips and outs. And maybe make my own removable faces for them (in crochet, of course). PS: remember the accessories (detachable straps and faces)!
 2. FIMO. In all possible colors. I can't decide yet which would suit me better, the classic or the soft version. Anyhow, I can't wait to try them. (And, first, to have them, of course). I think I would mostly use white, anyway, because it's versatile and maybe I could try dyeing it with food colors? Hmmm....
3. The same company that manufactures Fimo also makes colourful markers that are best recomended for painting on Fimo! I can't figure out yet if they are appropriate for clothes painting, because that is what I wish next...
4. Textile markers/painting. I think markers would be a better choice, as they may be more precise, but I'm still investigating this subject, too.
 5. Stabilo point fineliner marker pen. Every time I go to Diverta, a big book market, I can't help looking at the Stabilo markers sets. Although I haven't painted or sketched anything in a while, I think I would be much more inspirated if I just had those! And they come in 25 shades, too!
6. Last, but not least, a sewing machine. Although I already have one at home, it's an old one that keeps annoying me every time I use it - it tangles or cuts the thread, it blocks, it doesn't mantain a constant tension on the thread, causing incorrect sewing, it's very fast and no matter how hard I try not to push too heavy on the pedal, I never get to make it work slower. Not to mention that it is very heavy, too! That's why I didn't get too keen on sewing yet, I guess. And I would really like a sewing machine with adjustable speed...
This is, for the moment, my birthday wishlist. Hope not to make it too big by the time my birthday comes, or I'll become overbroke!

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