Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reco the pig (Amigurumi)

In fact, there are three Recos - I'll name them Reco, Ruco and Raco. The pattern is from the first Zoomigurumi book, by Amigurumi You can find this book on Amazon. I got the book on presale, along with the other 2 books they released, and I really did this randomly, after seeing a photo of them packing, on facebook. But I'm glad I did. Reco was the first character that caught my attention. They said it is cute, but I really think it's gorgeous! I made three of them to match the story of the three little pigs. I also think they look so worried because of the wolf, don't you think so? I think they will have to come up with a pattern for the wolf, too.
Anyway, I just couldn't help myself and I also added little tails! I was inspired by the icon every pattern has (I also think the idea of icons for every pattern is a smart one). I also am in love with the buttons. It's the first time I use these buttons for something crochet, even if I discovered them a while ago. Watch out, there are many more variants of these buttons, so I can't wait to make another ami happy with them!

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