Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lolo and the Easter eggs

This is my second amigurumi from the Zoomigurumi series, surrounded by some hand painted Easter eggs. If you wish to make Lolo, you will find the pattern in Zoomigurumi 2. The eggs were emptied and painted last year. I only made Lolo because I wish to make both Lulu and Lolo when I will get proper fluffly yarn (this was made using some kind of mohair yarn). I also intend to make a little girl happy with this little Lolo. Anyway, I think it turned out quite good in this not-so-fluffy-yarn too.
Hint: I used for the eyes little felt pieces, that I covered in white glue to make them shiny. I totally like this new discover, that I will talk about more in a following blog post.

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