Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bernat Lace Cardigan remake

I was looking for a long time this kind of cardigan to have in my wardrobe and to match with my dresses, but in the end I came to the conclusion that the best you could have of this is the one you make yourself.
I have been wearing this cardigan all summer long, and I'm very pleased with the way it looks, even if I couldn't follow the instruction by sizes, but I combined patterns for different sizes to come to a decent version of it.
Link to the pattern
PS: Do you like my crochet apples? :D


  1. Do you do tutorials? I,m stuck with th4 pattern and it will help me a lot if i could see how is done.

  2. @Clarimar Colon: I didn't write the pattern, Bernat owns it and you can download it for free. But it is hard to follow it, indeed, if you don't use the tipe of yarn (or maybe even the brand) they indicate. Me, for instance, I used a thinner type of cotton, so I had to double the thread. Even so, I had to add rows and columns were I needed to. So I worked a little bit different than from the pattern, but I kept the basics. So, if you have just a little imagination and, specially, if you worked before a cardigan (this was actually my first one), then you will know what changes you gotta do. Good luck!

  3. PS: I don't do videos. But I'll keep it in mind for when I will have more available time.