Sunday, July 19, 2015

Painted T-shirt with folkloric motif

So, I've been having these fabric paints since more than a year now, but never gave them a try. Until now, when I had to paint some T-shirts for a friends' pre-wedding  party. Before getting to the actual work, I thought I'd try first on one of my plain t-shirts. And I got this:

I must admit, I gost this idea from my artist fellows on FB. I was amazed myself. Cross stitch looks so good in paint you can't even tell the difference from far away. In the same time, the result is much neater, easier to take care of and way much easier to obtain :D (although I spent a couple of hours for this particular design - a folkloric motif from my natal region, Dobrogea).

The photos were taken in the Natural Parc of Comana in Romania, a protected area and the second one as biodiversity after the Danube Delta.

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