Saturday, October 27, 2018

Fetița cu acuarele / The watercolour girl - crochet doll

As I describe myself lately, I'm a crochet enthousiast training myself to becoming a pattern designer. And how else to begin this journey if not by allowing myself to complete such challenges as creating alike-dolls for young girls? Bellow you can contemplate my first doll, inspired by a pretty dressed girl, whose picture I found randomly in HappyButtonStore on Etsy. 

For the doll body and shoes, I used Tella pattern provided by Knottellaa on her youtube channel and facebook page. I created the dress and beret using my own imagination. Later at some point, I might be able to create a doll body of my own, and then transform this first alike-doll atempt into a pattern for you. It would be so nice, wouldn't it?


As a matter of fact, my objective regarding the creation of personalized dolls is creating opportunities for pattern design. So I hope it won't take long until I will be able to present you my first full doll pattern.
I release this new opportunity that I've created for myself with a contest for my romanian followers - you can find details here.

Technical details: I used Alize Bahar/Catania Originals cotton yarn, with a 2.25 mm Clover Amour hook. For the hair, I used a romanian silk (100% viscose) yarn, that I brushed after installing it on the doll head. I painted the eyes using textile colours on a piece of thin cotton cloth, then I glued them on the face. The pallette is cutout from felt, and the colour drops are crocheted with a 0.75 mm hook using embroidery yarn.
Hope that you like The Watercolour Girl as much as I do! 😍

Later Edit: Aquarella is actually the second doll I created, I almost forgot about the Girl in the Teapot, made for writer Laura, 3 years ago!



  1. Your watercolour doll is beautiful. It would be more than nice - it would be absolutely wonderful if your were to publish a pattern for your own version!! I would love to make one.

  2. Thank you very much Kimi! I actually proposed a collaboration to Knottellaa, with me planning to make a lot of outfits for this version of her Tella doll. So, stay close to this blog and facebook page, I will let you know when the patterns are ready!

  3. Beautiful doll. I can't wait to have the pattern available. I have a 7yr old neighbor girl that would love this because she loves to paint. Would be a perfect gift for her.

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